but oh my god I’m so weak I DIDN’T MEAN TO GET THIS MUCH, but it was like Artist Alley: The Con and there were so many cool comics and prints and nice people and nnnngh TAT

Fun fact: that Princess Serenity print glows in the dark, is screen printed and is HELLA huge, so I’m gonna have to find some primo wall-space to stick it dkbfjds TuT I had tons of people ask me where I got it during the con and I was just like AT THAT TABLE ACROSS THE FLOOR (also had a few comments on the Steven Universe pin I got from shupie as well ehehe)

ALSO SAILOR MEW CHARMS AND WARRICK+EMMA CHARMS OH BOY I AM SO HAPPY TO OWN THEM NOW ;-; and a con isn’t complete without a ShadMina commission, which I got from Michelle because you may as well ask the person who ships it as much as you do dksjksd (and it’s super adorable AAA) (also the Sailor V keychain was actually bought yesterday someplace else but I’m taking a pic of it anyway since I forgot and SAILOR V KEYCHAIN)

but yeah, I’M WIPED, but I had a good time and met tons of neat folks (though plagued by my usual social awkwardness and OH GOD I HOPE I DON’T SOUND WEIRD IN FRONT OF COOL PEOPLE), though I’ll probably pass on going tomorrow since I need to rest sob TuT

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    I spy my zine in the middle! quite the admirable haul!
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