'Main reason why I wanted to kill off Princess Sally back in the day: felt like she made Sonic into a second banana & cramped his style'

Dear Ken Penders,


gonna babble about the other YusuMako lovekids a bit since I was thinking about them today bloop bloop

 Yohei is the second oldest and the first son (he’s four years younger than Hourai), and he takes the most after his mother! He has messy, curly brown hair and brown eyes (that are the same shape as Mako’s), pretty skinny/lanky and he’s heeeeeeeeeeeeella tall D: Like… probably 6’3, about? Which makes him the tallest of the family too, which is both hilarious and awkward |D; He’s the ‘normal’ child of the group, meaning he was born devoid of any spiritual, demonic or senshi-based powers, and… he’s also the weakest, not only because of his lack of ‘special abilities’, but because he was born with a fragile constitution that leaves him susceptible to all manners of illnesses :C I’m toying with the idea that it’s somehow the suppressed demonic aura of his father’s that triggered it/activated it, since YYH made a big point in the beginning about demonic air/aura being toxic to normal humans, soooo Yusuke had to deliberately put some distance between him and his son as to not make things worse (which still didn’t work because now his son thinks he HATES him) Despite his frail state, though, he still has plenty of sass and attitude, especially to his elder sister, and it’s SUCH A STRUGGLE for her not to punch him too hard because she’d probably break him >8( Since he’s not strong enough for fighting/sports/heavy physical activity, he turned his attentions to stuff like baking and knitting to keep himself occupied instead ;3;b

Mako and Miki are the youngest (ten years younger than Hourai and six years younger than Yohei), and they’re fraternal twins (Mako’s the boy, Miki’s the girl), and… they have a healthy mix of both parents, I think? I’m flip-flopping on the hair color for them, buuuut it’s probably a darker brown than their mother’s but not black like their father’s? Hazel eyes would be a nice compromise for both of them (Mako has the sharper shaped eyes, Miki has the rounders ones), but I’m not sure if genetics quite work like that, sob TAT They both have thick, straight hair (Miki keeps hers tied back in some fashion), and have… pretty good body structures? They both got the short gene since their elder siblings SUCKED ALL THE TALL AWAY, but Miki got a nicely shaped body (GOT DAT TALENT) and Mako’s stocky but rather fit ‘u’a They inherited most of the spiritual ability, so they’re… kind of like mini-ghostbusters? I can see them taking side missions/having Scooby-Doo-esque adventures in demon-busting and human-realm protecting, though they’d never be spirit detectives, ahahah |D I’m also toying with the idea of them sharing a portion of demon blood between them and Miki gets those hella rad tattooes, but hrm o3oa Miki’s fairly popular in school, since she’s tiny and cute and has the cutest handmade accessories and lunches (when in reality, all the tasty lunches and cute stuff come from either her mom or Yohei because SHE’S AWFUL AT IT), and Mako is A STRAIGHT UP LADIES MAN and probably flirts and swoons over every lady he sees (though it always ends terribly for him)

wow it’s nearly 1am and here I am talking about OCs no one really cares about, GOODNIGHT

Knuckles and Rouge have a variant cover together

I repeat



Iiiii’m thinking of possibly doing a stream Tuesday night? I don’t know if anyone would be interested/available, but I HAVE THE TIME AND MEANS SO I’MMA DO IT

theme will probably be YYH/Sailor Moon just because those fandoms have been punching me hard in the face lately (though I won’t rule out any Sonics involved either)

so guess who found out they had a 2-10 shift today after they woke up at 5:30 am for a 8-4 shift


chances are if the Sonic comic you’re reading includes the phrase ‘crazed pumas’, ‘into the drink’ or some phrase about frying pans and fires, there’s a 100% chance it was written by Ken Penders


boop boop WIP for that really long Yusuke/Makoto AU fic/ask I  keep blathering about because I only just got up to the meat of the plot NOW and I’m sure it’s gonna take me a while

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boop boop WIP for that really long Yusuke/Makoto AU fic/ask I  keep blathering about because I only just got up to the meat of the plot NOW and I’m sure it’s gonna take me a while

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But THANK YOU so much for that, and I’m really flattered that you think so sdkfjskb ;____; I’m nowhere near great with either of those things, but IT MAKES ME HAPPY THAT THERE’S PEOPLE WHO THINK I AM ;~~;

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Well, I’m really glad they do! ;~; I haven’t been the most active person here lately, but I WILL DO MY BEST TO CONTINUE WITH IT ;U;b